It shone and faded for a moment,

only to shine again.

"It's the moon"

said Solveig quietly...

"It's the moon on my forehead!"

Who are they?
"When Solveig had first met Abby, the girls connected with each other as strongly as only young girls can do. It was as if they had one soul which had been divided in half and put into two separate bodies."


Solveig is a smart, strong girl who is the main character and a very determined person.

Once she's friends with you for a second, she's your friend forever.

She loves programming, climbing trees and rollerblading.


Alex is a small boy always ready to play. Whether it's tennis, stroking-a-dog game, he'll always do it.

He's very fond of his sister Solveig and his two dogs Malina and Sausage.

Full of energy, he loves exploring new places and dreams of great adventures.


Abby is Solveig's best-est friend. Gorgeous and smart she loves reading, yoga and science.

She runs very fast and believes that friends are forever.

Solveig and Abby can spend hours together talking about important stuff and not so important too.


A dog that is quite vain. She does like kids, of course, but mostly she loves fashion and her looks.

She would comb her curls with hair conditioner and oil.

She would spend hours looking into the mirror.

She's so proud of herself, but in danger she proved to be pretty hard and brave.


Lovely small dog. Always looking a bit scruffy.

He loves kids so much he kisses them with his licky tongue.

He doesn't mind if he's dirty or not! His favorite thing is adventure.


A very clever owl. She knows everything about Blueberry Forest.

The Owl knows the wonders of the planet and the worst bits of it as well.

“Of course you can come in, my darlings,” said Owl, in a friendly tone. “It’s nonsense to hang around in this hostile weather. All sorts of bad things may happen.”

How far is it to...?

"Solveig I love all the wrapping paper in the whole world."

"What's so good about wrapping paper Alex?"

"It can fly in the air!"

384,400 km

Distance from the Earth to the Moon

149,600,000 km

Distance from the Earth to the Sun

225,000,000 km

The average distance between the Earth and Mars

2,500,000 light years

The distance from the Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy


Sabina Deptuch

Interactive Designer

Interactive Software Developer


Having worked as Interactive Designer and Interactive Software Developer for several years and having a lot of experience in creative industry I’ve realised that being both technical and creative at the same time gives me a rare opportunity to look at things from two different perspectives. I’ve always loved being a software developer. The logic and clear way of thinking has always attracted me a lot especially in contradiction to creativity where breaking the rules is desirable.

Even though my work was mostly connected with programming I've been always creative. I was an artist, designer, illustrator. That’s how I got the idea to produce the application which would contain all of these elements. An interesting story, games, activities, problem solving, science, maths.

Working as a Software Developer it was hard not to notice the lack of women in positions like mine. I've always thought that connecting technical skills with creativity would be something what can attract young children, especially girls to try to learn programming. I've started with creating games, apps and interactive stories for children. Stories, which are engaging, educational and empowering. Stories which would raise girls’ interests in problems solving, maths and coding.

Girls can be girls, as they are, and be great coders same as boys can be boys, as they are, and be great coders. This story is here for girls and boys to break all the rules :-)

Sabina Deptuch-Rygielska - creator of Blueberry Forrest

"Alex, shall I open the window?"

"No, Solveig, because I will be horribly freezing

and the wind is going through my atoms and small particles."

"What? What is the wind going through?"

"Atoms... It’s a tiny material you know."


of the Earth's surface is water-covered