Abby the Great

Stories of Blueberry Forrest - part II

Abby the Great

Abby has arrived at dawn. She slid soundlessly through the palace’s rear gate at the back of east site of the palace. She had brought Lada to the stable first. She pulled his saddle out, she wiped her horse’s shiny hair and quickly cleared his hooves. She tried her best to erase all of the traces of the night ride. Everything so far goes well, she thought, deep down very pleased with herself. She had managed to plan her night-time escapades to the perfection. During the day she was acting completely normally and it was quite tricky to do it all day long. No one had recognised what was going on. Even her younger sister, rather nosy creature, had remained oblivious. Not to mention her two naughty brothers. It gave her some sort of satisfaction that she can deceive even her siblings, after all they were quite close, constantly watching one another. Nevertheless, she never stopped to be vigilant. She kept all the precautions to the end as she had planned. Empty and quiet everywhere around. She kept to her plan with finest accuracy. Everyone was still sleeping. Nobody seemed to notice her absence. It was a little victory to her that her nights out would remain undetected by anyone.

She patted Lada’s muzzle and hugged her head for a second. “Thanks again” she said shortly and slipped out of the stables soundlessly. Now just through the courtyard, into the garden, through the park and straight down the stairs to the west wing of the palace. Abby knew that this entrance was mainly used by the furnace service, so she should not come across anyone uninvited at this time. She was moving quickly and noiselessly, accordingly to her plan. She was doing it masterly, no twig had cracked, no stone fired from under her legs, no grass had rustled. She spent hours practising this root undiscovered, like everything she was doing she brought it to pure perfection.

Abby had passed last big trees leaving park behind. She already could see the dark shape of the stairs in the twilight. Last quick run through the open space, the most dangerous bit, and she was safe again. She had reached the basement door. Pull out the hairpin from her hair and had turn the lock in the door. Easy! She was inside and closed the door quietly. It was dark, but her pupils in a split second widened and all familiar shapes took on the outline. Now through the boiler rooms, a few gloomy, long corridors, west stairs and I’m in my room. She wished to throw herself on her bed. Her whole body was hurting from falling and couple hits during tonight’s crazy ride. Her eyes were burning from the lack of sleep and she dreamed of a cup of cold water.

to be continued…

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