Stories of Blueberry Forest - part I


It was the seventh night Abby was doing the same ritual. She sneaked out of the palace just before midnight to come back in the early morning.

“We have to try it Abby,” Solveig said to her the other day. “We don’t have a choice.” she added. “I know, Solveigh, but what if we get caught?” In Abby’s voice her friend could feel the uncertainty. “We must not get caught Abby, we must do anything to make it work! It’s our only chance.” Abby knew that very well too. “How about Jarodath?” she said, “You know he would never allow it!” Abby wasn’t sure if that was the right way to do it any way. She was always very brave, but at the same time she was so sincere she wanted to do what was always right. Even the thought she was going to do something behind Jarodath and everyone else’s back made her feel uneasy. Especially that she had always admired Jarodath for his strength and wisdom. He was like a teacher to her, like a father almost. She had known him since she remembered. She always felt she could count on him and now she was going to deceive him.

“We must keep it from him above all!” Solveigh had tried to be confident. However, also scared and confused, her warrior instinct was almost freezing her feelings. She was working like a robot in difficult times with precision and clear mind. This was making her similar with Jarodath even though they both would never admit it. It was very good to have Solveigh on your side, Abby always thought, especially if everything around seems to be tumbling down. Solveig on the other hand knew exactly how difficult Jarodath would be with it all, she was absolutely sure they must keep this secret. She liked him a lot and respected him for what he taught them, but sometimes, deep down, thought about him as rude and stubborn man.

Finally both girls had agreed there is no other way than follow this weird game to which they were framed completely by chance. They will probably always remember that one festival night at the village when it all started. It wasn’t entirely their fault. They’ve got into this mess by that one small weird man.

Jarodath didn’t have the slightest idea about the latest events in the village. He wasn’t there when the girls went to the night festival. After lots of fun, jumping over the flames of bonfires and floating wreaths of flowers with lit candles onto river Mere and the Lake, they were ready to go to the forest to search for fern flower. It’s the only time of the year when ferns bloom, Abby though. That was her favorite part of the festival. Going in the middle of the night to the forest in the hope to find this beautiful, modest flower to bring to the finder prosperity, luck, happiness and power, was the girls highlight of the whole celebration. Beautiful fairy tale, Abby always thought, it was bringing her a lot of thrills even though she didn’t believe in any of it.

The girls were still sitting by the Lake, getting ready to go. Most people already had gone, there were only few here and there bustling around the fires. Suddenly the girls had noticed a weird small, bearded man sitting next to them by the lake.

“Great night” he said, “cloudless sky, full of stars, the shortest night of the year. The same night you were born Abby, exactly the same.” They both looked at him surprised. “Do you know me? Of course not,” Abby laughed, “I wasn’t born that night, I was born in different time of the year.” He only muttered “yes, right” and started talking about Abby’s family and palace, strange stories, old stories. That was very bizarre how this old man knew about it all, but then maybe he was working for my parents long time ago, she thought.

This insidious man make them promise to give him one of Abby’s mother necklace. The ugliest of all the gorgeous ones Abby’s mum had, Abby thought surprised. Girls didn’t know why they agreed so recklessly to even speak to him in the first place. Maybe it was out of pity first. Then he was talking like he knows everybody here. It was probably what drew them to stop and have conversation with him. They left later thinking about him as small, a bit mad, harmless weirdo, they had promised what he wanted just to get rid of him. Solveigh was so shocked when, one day, weeks later she spotted him sitting in the palace park, looking like a statue.

Abby kept going through grim corridors. The first signs of relief appeared in her head, almost there. She was heading now towards the South room with four big stoves. She raised her head and saw burning fire. At the same time she spotted a dark shape in front of it. For a moment she hoped it will disappear in the air but it only got sharper. Standing still he moved his head at the sight of Abby. Cold breeze run through the tunnels or maybe just Abby felt this way. Two icy, blue eyes poked at her. “Where have you been?” He asked calmly. Abby froze, looking at him, feeling suddenly despair. “Jarodath, what are you doing here?”

It’s better you answer my question first! His voice was so cold and grave. Abby felt like crying. “It’s not what you think”, Abby said quietly, “we didn’t have a choice”. “What do you mean it’s not what i think? What have you done you two silly girls! Why have you gone there? Haven’t you got what I said to you two?” Abby had feld the tears coming to her eyes. Her throat was dry. “You don’t understand we had to do it. It was to protect…” “Protect!… Protect who??” Silence had lasted for a few second. “you…” For a split second, Jarodath had remained silent then he laughed. He’s laugh was not cheerful or happy but sounded more ominous.

to be continued…

Sabina DeptuchSabina Deptuch